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Ensemble marquons la diffrérence

la 8ème édition des Vendanges de l'Espoir 


Encore un pari réussi ce soir à la Réole grâce à vous tous, je ne me fatiguerai jamais de vous remercier mes amis pour être présent à chaque fois que je vous ai sollicité et pour être aussi solidaire sans compter…heureux également d’avoir remis ce chèque de 8000€ à la directrice du CEAP de la Réole madame Carion Gaetane pour financer des ateliers d’art thérapie, à très vite!!!


ensemble marquons la différence

PURPOSE: The aim of the association is to ensure and contribute, to its extent, to the material and moral support of sick or hospitalized children or orphans or in a situation of reduced mobility, victims of violence, physical and psychological abuse and in a difficult situation. 'abandonment, whatever their origin, nationality, religion and family situation, this philanthropic activity being of general interest.
The association implements public and / or private events such as musical shows and cultural, sporting, artistic events with or without the support of local public authorities.
The association has the right to carry out industrial, commercial or financial, movable or real estate transactions which may be directly or indirectly linked to the corporate purpose or which may facilitate its extension or development.
Les Vendanges de l'Espoir association of general interest has the right to carry out operations to carry out sponsorship, by ensuring the collection and distribution of financial funds intended for sick or hospitalized children or orphans or in a situation of reduced mobility, victims of violence , physical and psychological abuse and in a situation of neglect, whatever their origin, nationality, religion and family situation, this philanthropic activity being of general interest.

fondateur & parrain

Our association “Les Vendanges de l'Espoir” has already been in existence for 8 years, a strong mobilization was necessary to provide our support to sick children with reduced mobility as well as to their families. I wanted to thank you for your support and your commitment YOU public always so faithful for so many years, YOU volunteers with big hearts and full of enthusiasm, YOU partners always ready to help us to create ever more beautiful events every year, YOU patrons for your donations and your unconditional support and to YOU all artists and friends who have participated since 2014 in the 6 editions of the Harvests of Hope without whom this adventure could not have existed ...


Following the situation we have been experiencing since January 2020 and the “health” measures imposed by the executive,  The association Les Vendanges de l'Espoir, like many other associations in the area, was unable to continue its planned actions. Fortunately, the light is making itself felt and guides us towards the hope of a new, more human world filled with love and benevolence and for that, the whole Vendanges de l'Espoir team and I have decided to resume our activities as of December 2021.


For practical and organizational reasons, our association Les Vendanges de l'Espoir has changed its headquarters to Bergerac (Dordogne) and has a branch in Réole (Gironde) but also a branch in Saumur (Loire Valley).

We will be present and active on the three branches with the help of all our volunteers and all our local partners and we are counting on all of you to carry out all these beautiful actions to be able to help all these children and families who are need.

Together let's make a difference



Is the first step towards accepting the other. Respect is essential because it allows us to build solid social foundations in our society.

It is the desire to say that indifference is to be excluded from our field of vision. Thus, the harvest of hope is intended to be an association of solidarity with those whom life has not offered what society calls normality.

We can fight what society calls difference while keeping our dignity. The harvest of hope refuses pity but calls for generosity.

Los niños en preescolar


 The funds collected are paid to associations working with sick and disabled children, to families having difficulty in financing hospital costs, in financing specific care 

les vendanges solidaires


The objective of the solidarity harvest is that primary school children
participate in the activities offered with children who have a disability and their families. The association believes that it is necessary to teach everyone the importance of "living together", sharing and
to accept each other, regardless of our physical, mental or social condition.

Walking towards well-being


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